1. How much floor space does the booth need?

A 15×15 square foot space in a well-lit area near electrical access is needed to ensure a great guest experience.

2. How many people fit in the booth?

We can fit up to 12 people in our booth for great group shots.

3. Is the booth wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our booth set up encourages all ages and ability level to enjoy the fun.

4. Do you have an enclosed or open booth?

We have both an enclosed and open air set up for you to choose from.

5. Can I choose my backdrops?

We currently have black and white curtains.  However, we are always adding to our stock.  Please contact us if you have a specific backdrop request.

6. Does your booth have green screen technology?

Yes, we can use the green screen to insert some fun and specialized back drops to coordinate with your event.

7. Do you need anything from us or the venue?

We ask the venue to provide adequate space to set up near an electrical source, and if there is wifi we need the password for the ability to integrate our system with online options that we can offer.

8. Can we use the booth outside?

No, due to the sensitivity of lighting, equipment, back drops and props, an indoor venue of some kind is needed to ensure the best booth experience

9. Do you give discounts?

Contact us for pricing on bundle packages that include our DJ services, photo booth as well as additional up lighting.

10. Do you price match?

Our pricing is consistent with our competitors and we do not adjust the prices or our packages.

11. Do you include props in your rental pricing?

Yes, we include a variety of creative, family friendly props for your guest to choose from.

12. What size are the prints?

We can do a single 4×6 photo or 2 2×4 strips with 4 photos each.

13. Can the pictures be printed in black and white or sepia?

Yes, we can print in black and white or sepia to give a retro or classic look to any photo.

14. How many times can my guests have pictures taken?

Our booth rental includes unlimited visits through the photo booth for each guest.

15. How many copies of a print can someone get?

We offer unlimited Photo’s and 3 reprints. 1 always goes to the bride and groom off the bat (We have a photo book for them, and we ask the guest to sign that page.)

16. Can we add special messages to the prints?

Yes, we can print special messages on any of your prints.

17. Do you publish the pictures online?

We use SmugMug.com. We are able to sell Photo’s on there and the brides and grooms like it as they can buy or their family & friends can buy larger photo’s then the strips.

18. Does rental include an attendant?

Yes, we provide a professional attendant to keep the booth fun and delays down.

19. How long will you need to set up the booth?

A great set up takes about one hour.

20. Do you charge for idle time?

Yes, we expect our attendant to stay with the booth for the safety of your guests. Idle time does not Include set-up. This is just the time frame that our attendant has to stay with the booth and it is not running.

21. What forms of payment do you take?

We are equipped to take cash or check in payment for your rental.